Zoos and Aquariums to visit in Portugal (17 suggestions)

Get to know all the animals and different species that are cared for, preserved and preserved in the Zoos, Oceanariums and Aquariums of Portugal.


Portugal has a variety of zoos and aquariums. If you would like to visit the different spaces or explore those that are closest to your location, see with Excelente each one’s characteristics.

Aqua Museum of the Minho River

The river Minho Aqua museum is located in Vila Nova de Cerveira. The Aquamuseum consists of an Aquarium, a Lontrarium and the Fishery Museum. If you've never seen an otter up close, then you have to meet Eureka, the otter who lives in the Aqua museum. In aquariums, you  also get the privilege of knowing the most representative animals of the Minho River. Outside the Aqua museum, there is the Castelinho Leisure Park, a space where you can perform water activities and explore the mini-golf course, the playground and the leisure park.

Source - City Council Vila Nova de Cerveira - Aqua Museum of the Minho River

Maia Zoo

At Maia Zoo, you will find animals, such as the tiger, the grizzly bear, the zebra of the plains, the Eurasian lynx, the yellow anaconda, the iguana, the boa, among others. During the week, depending on the schedule, you’ll have the opportunity to watch the Free Flight Demonstration. The park has a picnic area, but if you don't want to bring lunch from home, you can access the bar or restaurant.

Source - Facebook - Maia Zoo

Sea Life Porto

At Sea Life Porto, you can sail the Sunken Boat, the Rivers and Streams, the Douro River and the Rocky Pools. In this space, you must discover the Grotto of the Oceans, the Kingdom of Neptune and the outdoor fun. Reptiles, seahorses and rays are animals with special temples that can also be visited. If you decide to spend a good time at Sea Life Porto, you will also have the opportunity to participate in the lectures and food sessions.

Source - Facebook - Sea Life Porto

Zoo Santo Inácio

The park presents itself as “the largest and greenest Zoo in the North”. The Zoo, located ten minutes from the centre of Porto, has 15 hectares, 200 species and 600 animals. Zoo Santo Inácio focuses on wildlife protection and animal welfare. The park features picnic areas, a bar and a restaurant. If you prefer, you can hold birthday parties, school visits or holiday camps in this space. On the other hand, if you love the Zoo, you can purchase an annual pass and visit the park as often as you like.

Zoo Santo Inácio, Oporto

Aguda Coastal Station

If you visit Vila Nova de Gaia, you must drop by the Aguda Coastal Station. The station features the Museum of Pecas, the Aquarium and the Department of Education and Research. In this space, you can find more than a thousand animals of about 60 species, which mark the habitats of Praia da Aguda, and you can learn more about artisanal fishing.

Source - Facebook - Estação Litoral da Aguda

Lourosa Zoo

The Lourosa Zoo is the only ornithological park in Portugal and has more than 500 birds, of more than 150 species, of more than 80 habitats. The Zoo also has a botanical collection of more than 120 exotic and native species. If you need to entertain the little ones, there is a playground and, for a snack, you have the Esplanada & Bar.

Source - Facebook - Zoo Lourosa

Serra da Lousã Biological Park

Located in Serra da Lousã, there is the Biological Park. The park “emerged with the objective of privileging and helping in the conservation of the species that inhabit or inhabited the Portuguese territory”. The venue presents 68 different species and 375 animals. In addition to the park, you can also visit the Space of the Mind Museum, the Cooperage Museum and the Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts.

Source - Facebook - Serra da Lousã Biological Park

Mora Fluviary

The Mora Fluviary has a public aquarium “dedicated to freshwater ecosystems”. In this space, you have access to six exhibitions, you can find more than 60 freshwater species from Portugal and you should not miss the feeding of the otters.

Source - Facebook - Fluviário de Mora

Lisbon Zoo

At the Lisbon Zoo, families can explore Dolphin Bay, Enchanted Woods, Pelican space and Reptilarium. The Temple of the Primates, the Valley of the Tigers, the Tapada of the Iberian Lynx, the Lidl farm, the Lagoon House and the Meo Savannah are other points that can be visited. Families can also ride the Cable Car or the Zoo Train. The Zoo features dining spaces, guided tours, a baby space and a shop. If you want to visit the Zoo, you can purchase tickets online.

Source - Lisbon Zoo

Lisbon Oceanarium

The Oceanarium features eight thousand sea creatures distributed over seven million litres of saltwater. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the space also has temporary exhibitions throughout the year. The Lisbon Oceanarium is the cultural equipment with more visits in Portugal, so if you have not yet visited the various exhibitions, enjoy it while you can!

Lisbon Oceanarium

Vasco da Gama Aquarium

At the Vasco da Gama Aquarium, you can learn a little more about life in the aquatic environment, through a visit to the aquariums and the museum. Associated with the Vasco da Gama Aquarium are the Navy Museum, the Navy Planetarium and the Library. So, if you go to Oeiras, visit all these landmarks.

Source - Facebook - CCM, Comissão Cultural de Marinha

Badoca Safari Park

Badoca Safari Park is located in Alentejo, in Vila Nova de Santo André. The park features 90 hectares, 600 animals and more than 80 different species. At Badoca Safari Park, you can come into contact with the animals in their natural habitat, access the different presentations and you can also interact with some animals. The park also offers VIP experiences.

Source - Facebook - Badoca Safari Park

Lagos Zoo

The Lagos Zoo features more than 150 species from five continents. If you visit the Lagos Zoo, you can feed the pelicans, otters, penguins and/or lemurs. The park features a restaurant for lunch or dinner.

Source - Facebook - Zoo de Lagos

Krazy World Zoo

Krazy World Zoo is an interactive Zoo in which visitors can interact with birds, turtles, rabbits, and other animals. In addition to animal visits and animal performances, you can take a dip in the park's pools or try out the minigolf. The Zoo also offers a restaurant and activities such as tree climbing, pedal karting, pony riding and paintball.

Source - Facebook - Krazy World Zoo


In this park, you can watch the performances of the animals, you can access the aquarium, see the butterflies and the botanical garden, you can watch the flight of macaws and the rides of the turtles, the Americas and the alligators. If you think this is a lot of activities, there's still more! Together with the family, you can watch 4D movies and venture through all the water activities and the different amusements. If you are looking for more unique experiences, you should go to Dolphin Emotions and get close to the dolphins.

Source - Facebook - Zoomarine Algarve

Madeira Aquarium

The Madeira Aquarium aims to present the marine biodiversity that characterises the seas of the archipelago. Here, you have the opportunity to witness 90 species distributed over more than ten exhibition tanks. At the Madeira Aquarium you can also do diving and learn more about the equipment associated with the sport.

Source - Facebook - Aquário da Madeira

Porto Pim Aquarium

The Porto Pim Aquarium is located in Faial Island, in the Azores archipelago. The space has a central tank and two sets of tanks full of species that characterise maritime life in the Azores. In addition to the animals, you should also see the exhibition about the Azores Marine Park and watch the film that is played at the Aquarium.

Source - Tripadvisor - Aquário do Porto Pim
Zoos and Aquariums to visit in Portugal (17 suggestions)
Zoos and Aquariums to visit in Portugal (17 suggestions)