Viewpoints to visit on a getaway in Portugal (39 suggestions)

Viewpoints can be great pretences for getaways or even picnics in nature.


In Portugal, there are many points of interest to enjoy a magnificent panoramic view. Excelente gathered 39 viewpoints in mainland Portugal and the Islands. Get ready, your next adventure is about to begin!


Fraga de Puio Viewpoint (Picote)

The Fraga de Puio Viewpoint offers a magnificent view over the Douro. From the top of this viewpoint, glazed and suspended over the rocks, you have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the valleys and the river. The altitude is 610 metres and the viewpoint is situated in the village of Picote.

Enjoy the tour and visit the Mother Church, the rock and stone sculptures and also the Earth Ecomuseum.

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Source - City Council (Miranda do Douro) - Fraga de Puio Viewpoint (Picote)

Castrilhouço Viewpoint (Vale de Águia — Miranda do Douro)

This viewpoint is located in Castro de Vale de Águia and, although it is one of the least known, it is distinguished by the meandering of the river in the shape of a “U”. Unlike the aforementioned viewpoint, this one does not have any infrastructure or protection, so you should pay extra attention, since the cliffs reach 150 metres. Access to the site is on dirt and is in poor condition, so it is advised to take walking equipment. The view is fabulous and you can enjoy this visit to meditate on nature, as this is one of the most secret viewpoints.

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Source - City Council (Miranda do Douro) - Castrilhouço Viewpoint

Penha das Torres Viewpoint (Paradela)

This is the easternmost place in Portugal and, therefore, it is where the sun rises earlier. In addition, this is where the Douro River enters Portugal. The Miradouro da Penha das Torres has an altitude of 675 metres and has a graceful view over the Transmontano plateau. From this point, you can also see the Castro damon the other side of the border, in Spain. Access is made by the village of Paradela, in Miranda do Douro, which is  very accessible to any vehicle. However, the most advisable thing is to stop by the picnic park and continue on foot.

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Source - City Council (Miranda do Douro) - Penha das Torres Viewpoint

Boneca Viewpoint (Penafiel)

This viewpoint was created in Serra da Boneca, in Penafiel, by Friends of Boneca. To get there, you have to take a trail, which is exclusively pedestrian. Next to the viewpoint you also have the Boneca Swing, a place where you can relax and take some beautiful pictures.

Enjoy the tour and visit the Schist Villages of Quintandona and the Church of São Miguel de Entre-os-Rios. Access to the site is from the village of Sebolido and it is about 500 metres to the viewpoint and another 500 metres to the swing. From Serra da Boneca, you set your eyes on the river, the valleys and the village of Sebolido. The entire route to the top of the mountain is beautiful and the landscapes will not disappoint you!

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Viewpoint of São Leonardo da Galafura (Peso da Régua)

The Viewpoint of S.Leonardo has been nicknamed as one of the most beautiful several times. Miguel Torga, who was born very close, even described the landscape and the river as an “excess of nature”, for its beauty and sublime contours.

This landmark is located at 566 metres of altitude and the surrounding landscape, the Alto Douro Wine Region, was listed as a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Very close to the site, there is a picnic park with tables and shade, where you can have a picnic or a break to recharge.

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Source - City Council (Peso da Régua) - Viewpoint of São Leonardo da Galafura

São Salvador do Mundo Viewpoint

São Salvador do Mundo has two fantastic viewpoints that are located in the largest sanctuary of the Alto Douro Wine Region, on one of them you can observe Ferradosa and, on the other, which is in the highest chapel of the Ermo, you see the Valeira Dam and the slopes of the Douro, picturesque sites of the region.

From this perspective you will have the Douro at your feet. It is possible to take your car up to half the route, but the rest will have to be done on foot, and the route to the viewpoint consists of a set of chapels built in the 16th century, which rise along the hill. After the ascent, the view is from an area of curvature of the river, also known as the Valeira coffin.

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Source - City Council (S. João da Pesqueira) - São Salvador do Mundo Viewpoint

Teixeirô Viewpoint (Cinfães)

The Teixeirô Viewpoint, located in Cinfães, in the Douro, is one of the most admirable viewpoints in the territory of the Romanesque Route.

From the Teixeirô viewpoint, you have a privileged landscape over the Douro vineyard and the scenery of a hillside by the mouth of the river Bestança. From this landmark, you can enjoy Albufeira da Pala, the Villages of Portugal of Porto Manso and Boassas, the Monastery of Ancedeand  the Douro railway line.

The Teixeirô viewpoint is a place of easy access by car and, even if there are no places reserved for parking, you can stop at the access street, since there are  practically no cars.

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Source - Facebook - Teixeirô Viewpoint (Cinfães)

Viewpoint of Casal de Loivos (Alijó)

This was considered by BBC London one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The Miradouro de Casal de Loivos, located in a small village in the municipality of Alijó, in the Douro Wine Region, offers a panoramic view over the Pinhão and the Douro Valley.

At the viewpoint, you have at your disposal a place with benches and shade, where you can stop to dazzle the most beautiful views of the village of Casal de Loivos. It's a must-see viewpoint and it's worth waiting for the sunset to capture unique moments.

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Viewpoint of Vargelas (São João da Pesqueira)

The Viewpoint Quinta de Vargelas is located next to the EM541 municipal road, between Vale de Figueira and Ólas, more precisely at Quinta de Vargelas.

The viewpoint has 450 metres of altitude and a panoramic view over the Douro and the localities of São Salvador do Mundo, Vale de Figueira, São Xisto and Ferradosa. The Miradouro Quinta de Vargelas is an excellent stopping point, with a place to leave your car and a picnic park. The landscape will fascinate you in such a way that the hard thing will be to leave!

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Penedo Durão Viewpoint

Still in the Douro, take the opportunity to get to know another of the most beautiful and well-known viewpoints in the region: the Penedo Durão Viewpoint.

Located about two kilometres from the village of Freixo de Espada à Cinta, it is at more than 500 metres high that you can observe the banks of the Douro and the Spanish dam of Saucelle. Also known as Vulture Rock, this is a popular place for bird watching, as there you will find species such as the Egyptian Vulture, Gryphon or the Peregrine Falcon. The Penedo Durão Viewpoint has a French balcony and stone access staircase and is very desirable for picnics.

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Source - City Council (Freixo de Espada à Cinta) - Penedo Durão Viewpoint

Tua Valley

Ujo Viewpoint (Vila Real)

This is one of the viewpoints most sought after by visitors of Vale do Tua  and is located between São Mamede de Ribatua and Safres, in the municipality of Alijó. Opened in May 2019, the Ujo Viewpoint seems suspended in the air, almost hovering over the subtlety of the river.

The Ujo Viewpoint has a unique architecture and, although the path to get there is narrow, the views are very much worth it! If you want to explore the Douro, this is a must visit point.

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Source - City Council (Alijó) - Ujo Viewpoint

Olhos do Tua Viewpoint (Bragança)

This viewpoint is located in Carrazeda de Ansiães and offers a panoramic view over the Tua river valley. The structure was designed by sculptor Paulo Moura and simulates the front of a boat, alluding to the navigability of this river course.

The suggestion is to leave the car parked in Aldeia de Castanheiro do Norte and make the route on foot, because at rush hour it becomes difficult to pass.

If you want to go by car, access is not the easiest, but it is possible to go right up to the viewpoint. The landscape of Olhos do Tua viewpoint is stunning and transmits an enormous tranquillity.

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Source - City Council (Carrazeda de Ansiães) - Olhos do Tua Viewpoint

São Domingos Viewpoint (Fontelo)

This is another of the Viewpoints of the Vale do Tua Natural Park and offers a privileged view over vineyards and olive groves. So that it becomes more than just a walk, you also have a picnic park and the Chapel of São Domingos.

In the chapel, you can have a 360º view, where you can contemplate the region of Lamego, Peso da Régua and the emblematic Serra do Marão. Further down you have the Douro River.

The São Domingos viewpoint is a relatively easily accessible space, with plenty of forest space and ideal for spending relaxed moments in the middle of nature.

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Source - City Council (Armamar) - São Domingos Viewpoint

São Lourenço Viewpoint

The São Lourenço viewpoint invites you not only to take a peek at the magnificent view of Tua, but also to theCaldas’ baths or hydromassages.

In this viewpoint of Carrazeda de Ansiães, you will also find a sculpture by Paulo Moura, which depicts São Lourenço. The belvedere platform is safe and the place is very well treated.

Access is easy, and although the road is a bit narrow, it is tar, which makes it easy to get through. In this wonderful place, beyond the Tua river, you will find a mountainous panorama with vineyards, cork oaks, olive trees and you can still see part of the old Tua train line.

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Source - City Council (Carrazeda de Ansiães) - São Lourenço Viewpoint

Senhor da Boa Morte Viewpoint (Carrazeda de Ansiães)

The name is not the most inviting, but the view has no comparison. The Senhor da Boa Morte viewpoint is in Carrazeda de Ansiães and from there you have a 360º view over the village of Tralhariz and the Tua River Valley.

It is next to the Chapel of Senhorda Boa Morte, in the village of Castanheiro do Norte, where you can see the vineyards and the most beautiful portraits of the upper Douro. The place has good access both on foot and by car towards Castanheiro - Tralhariz.

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Suberco viewpoint (Nazaré)

The Suberco viewpoint is in the lower part of Nazaré, on Rua da Ladeira do Sítio. The viewpoint is in a very reserved place and it is a small space. In addition, the viewpoint offers a great view of the village of Nazaré and the beach and is the ideal place to watch the sunset and take some magnificent photographs.

On site there is a parking lot and some shops where you can buy souvenirs or stop at one of the local restaurants. A very nice place to stroll with the family and have fun.

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Suberco viewpoint, Nazaré

Cape Espichel (Lisbon)

Next to Cape Espichel there is a lot to visit: the Lighthouse, the Aqueduct, the Water House, the Church and not being enough, the view is also beautiful. The cape is a place of great natural beauty, composed of an escarpment opposing the blue sea.

Access to the place must be done by car because it is distant from the nearest village and do not forget to take a coat, because even on the hottest days it is always very windy. Cape Espichel is also a point of interest for many bikers and, on certain days, there are also some fishermen in the area.

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Cape Espichel, Lisbon

Cape Roca (Lisbon)

Cape  Roca is the westernmost point in Europe and has one of the oldest lighthouses in Portugal, which is around 250 years old. It is an excellent destination to visit, especially to catch the sunset.

It is a windy place and you should be especially careful with the cliffs that are very close to the path. Access is free and parking is often easy.

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Cape Roca, Lisbon

Senhora do Monte Viewpoint (Lisbon)

Considered one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Lisbon, Senhora do Monte viewpoint lets you contemplate all the views of the city. On the left the Castle of São Jorge, at the bottom the Tagus River and on the right the 25 de Abril bridge.

Located in the neighbourhood of Graça, this viewpoint occupies the front of the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Monte, on the hill where D. Afonso Henriques conquered Lisbon in a battle against the Moors in 1140. Not to be missed on a visit to the city!

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Graça Viewpoint (Lisbon)

To visit the Graça viewpoint, you have a long walk ahead, but it is very worth it! For the lazy ones there is always the famous 28 tram. The historic Lisbon tram that takes you through the historic centre.

The viewpoint is a privileged place not only for its landscape, but also for the convent, the church and the Graça Square. It is also an excellent multicultural and pleasant space, perfect for seeing Lisbon and getting a cup of  coffee or a drink on the terrace.

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Graça Viewpoint, Lisbon

Santa Luzia Viewpoint (Lisbon)

The Santa Luzia viewpoint is right in the centre of Lisbon and is a place not to be missed both day and night. It is a very popular place for being in a friendly part of the city.

If you pass through the capital take tram 28 and go up to this viewpoint, otherwise you will have a long climb to do. Just a tip: take the opportunity to see the sunrise from here.

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Santa Luzia Viewpoint, Lisbon

Sao Pedro de Alcantara Viewpoint (Lisbon)

The São Pedro de Alcântara Garden has a terrace with panoramic views and it is one of those idyllic places, where the history of a city blends with the beauty of its views. This is the perfect place to get to know the old Lisbon and it is located in the city centre.

Here you will find a wide variety of restaurants, bakeries and shops selling various products. Definitely a place to visit if you want to know the heart of Lisbon.

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Viewpoint of Portinho da Arrábida (Setúbal)

The Viewpoint of Portinho da Arrábida is located in Setúbal and is known for its paragliding ramp. It was used for years by lovers of extreme sports, but nowadays it serves as a backdrop for photo shoots and contemplation of nature.

Many people lie in this viewpoint as if they were in “free fall” to take a picture and so it is extremely crowded and difficult to be able to have a moment alone, without having a queue to take pictures.

From this viewpoint you can enjoy the immensity of the ocean and also see the city of Troia. The parking is greatly reduced and has room for only  4/5 cars.

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Viewpoint of Portinho da Arrábida, Setúbal

São Sebastião Viewpoint (Setúbal)

For many, the São Sebastião viewpoint is one of the best views over the Sado River and the Tróia Peninsula. The São Sebastião viewpoint has a view of almost 180 degrees and is located in Setúbal, in the neighbourhood of São Domingos.

This is a very picturesque place where Bocage was born, although parking is not very easy, you will find cafés with terraces and places to rest nearby.

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Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Viewpoint (Belver)

Located in the heart of Alentejo, the Nossa Senhora dos Remédios viewpoint has a characteristic that distinguishes it from all others: its modern architecture.

The viewpoint is in the parish of Belver and it is a privileged space to enjoy the landscape. The Nossa Senhora dos Remédios viewpoint is a very beautiful place to watch the sunset, to take pictures and to stroll with your family. In addition, we must highlight the excellent view over the Tagus Valley, the village of Belver and the lands beyond.

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Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Viewpoint, Belver

Mértola Viewpoint (Mértola)

This viewpoint has a beautiful view of Mértola, a quiet Alentejo village with the castle  in the background. As Highlights there are the landscapes of the Guadiana waters, the picturesque streets and the excellent gastronomic offer of the region.

This municipal  district of Beja has an extraordinary beauty and only those who really visit it capture its true essence. A wonderful location, with great views over the river and ideal for a stroll on warmer days.

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Mértola Viewpoint, Mértola


Ponta da Piedade (Lagos)

At Ponta da Piedade, in Lagos, you can glare at the cliffs and the views of the ocean and the city. There is also a beach with a bit of a difficult access, but a spectacular one . The beach has something very important, bathrooms! You will also find a small restaurant with food and drinks, including beer and wine and a large selection of ice creams for the little ones.

You can reach the place by train, boarding in Lagos. The train runs from Lagos once an hour. Tickets are around four euros per person and it is a good way to go for a walk if you are tired.

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Ponta da Piedade, Lagos

Alto da Arroteia Viewpoint (São Brás de Alportel)

The Alto da Arroteia Viewpoint is368 metres high and provides an excellent view of the mountains and the sea. From here, you can also enjoy the village of S. Bras de Alportel.

This Portuguese village in the district of Faro, has many historical and cultural attractions and is presented as a place of “Open Door to the Mountain and a Window to the Sea”.

The Alto da Arroteia viewpoint is a perfect place for a picnic and to get there you can follow EN2, north of the village. You should take care in the access, because the road only allows the circulation of one vehicle at a time.

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The Azores

Rocha dos Bordões Viewpoint (Flores Island)

Now, we take a leap to Flores Island, so that you can get to know the Rocha dos Bordões Viewpoint, from here you can contemplate the valley of Ribeira do Fundão and Rocha dos Bordões, an impressive and beautiful geological formation. These “rocky outcrops” are one of the postcards of Ilha das Flores.

The viewpoint is in the Mosteiro parish and stopping to observe these natural wonders is absolutely worth it. Try to  visit when it is good weather and free of fog, so that you can capture the essence of nature in all its splendour.

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Rocha dos Bordões Viewpoint, Flores Island

Boca do Inferno Viewpoint (São Miguel Island)

The Boca do Inferno Viewpoint in São Miguel Island is one of the most popular in the Azores Islands. Highly appreciated by tourists, this location boasts a breathtaking view!

Despite the walk, which is only 15 minutes, the route is really worth it. From this viewpoint, you will be able to appreciate the lakes that formed in the craters of volcanoes that previously existed on the island.

The view covers a set of lagoons in the area of Sete Cidades and at the same time has the sea as background. Rest easy as there are plenty of places at the entrance of the trail that leads to the viewpoint.

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Boca do Inferno Viewpoint, São Miguel Island

Vista do Rei Viewpoint (São Miguel Island)

When the weather is nice,at this viewpoint you can have one of the best views of São Miguel: the Vista do Rei Viewpoint. Why do you think it has such a name? The viewpoint is in Sete Cidades and has the most privileged panorama of the Azores, painted in green and blue.

There is a car park where you can leave the car (maximum 20 min and limited spaces) and it is also possible to use the bathrooms. If you go to the Azores you most certainly must visit this place. On top of that, in the vicinity of Sete Cidades you can do many activities, from canoeing, paragliding, biking, motorcycling and many others.

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Vista do Rei Viewpoint, São Miguel Island

Ponta do Sossego Viewpoint (São Miguel Island)

Located in Nordeste, Ponta do Sossego viewpoint is a true leisure place for kids and adults! The gardens have been designed with every detail and are carefully maintained.

This viewpoint meets all the requirements for a getaway: excellent view, parking, bathrooms, place for snacks and barbecue. Surrender to the charm of São Miguel and enjoy the whole landscape! 

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Ponta do Sossego Viewpoint, São Miguel Island

Macela Viewpoint (Santa Maria Island)

The Macela viewpoint on the island of Santa Maria has a great view over the entire bay of São Lourenço and Praia da Formosa. The place is very well maintained and you have the possibility to have picnics and barbecue. It is the ideal place to take fantastic photos and capture the beauty of this corner of the Azores.

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Pedra Rija Viewpoint (Santa Maria Island)

Close to Arrebentão in the town of São Pedro, you will find the Pedra Rija viewpoint, as the name implies, its construction and access involves a lot of stone.

The view from this viewpoint extends over Santa Bárbara and deep hills and valleys. It is worth the visit to charge batteries and absorb the energies of this area. It is a quiet place and to access the top of the viewpoint you have a small staircase.

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Pico do Areeiro Viewpoint (Curral das Freiras)

The Pico do Areeiro viewpoint is located in the locality of Curral das Freiras and it is the third highest point of the island. When visiting this viewpoint you take a trip above the clouds, as you rise to 1,810 metres of altitude. You can reach this viewpoint by car or on foot, if you like hiking. It's definitely a must-see spot in Madeira! 

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Pico do Areeiro Viewpoint, Curral das Freiras

Cabo Girão Viewpoint (Câmara de Lobos)

Cabo Girão is one of the highest cliffs in the world with a height of about 580 metres.

Located in the town of Câmara de Lobos, this viewpoint was built on a glass platform (skywalk) and is a challenge for those suffering from vertigo. The structure is very safe and the feeling is liberating, when you enjoy the panoramic view of the coast, Câmara de Lobos and Funchal. Cabo Girão is a much admired place to take the most beautiful pictures of Madeira Island.

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Cabo Girão Viewpoint, Câmara de Lobos

Balcões de Ribeiro Frio (Ribeiro Frio)

The Balcões de Ribeiro Frio are one of the levadas with the largest flow of tourists. It is in the area of Ribeiro Frio and the viewpoint is amazing. A piece of advice: wear proper shoes. You have  a walk of about 30-40 minutes ahead of you and the floor is quite humid.

When you arrive at your destination, you have a beautiful view of the valleys waiting for you and you can watch the birds flying around them.

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Balcões de Ribeiro Frio, Ribeiro Frio

Eira do Serrado Viewpoint (Funchal)

The Eira do Serrado viewpoint is a breathtaking place. Stay in Funchal and, when you find yourself in a place like this, you realise how beautiful and overwhelming the mountains of Madeira are.

The site has parking and takes a maximum of 15 minutes from the parking lot to the observation point. Near the viewpoint there is a café with a balcony, which offers a great view of the valley, as well as a gift shop and bathrooms.

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Eira do Serrado Viewpoint, Funchal

Ponta do Rosto Viewpoint (Funchal)

We finish our guide with an absolutely stunning viewpoint: the Ponta do Rosto viewpoint in Funchal. Here, you have landscapes overlooking the cliffs, ocean, Funchal airport and you can observe the geography of the island: on the one hand, steep steep slopes with high waves and on the other, gentle descents and a rocky beach.

This is where the hikes to the Ponta de São Lourenço Lighthouse begin. Take the opportunity to take a walk by the sea and explore the tip of the Island!

Google Maps

Ponta do Rosto Viewpoint, Funchal

Now that you know these fantastic viewpoints, get on the road and discover the best Portugal has to offer!

Viewpoints to visit on a getaway in Portugal (39 suggestions)
Viewpoints to visit on a getaway in Portugal (39 suggestions)