The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Porto and Lisbon (11 suggestions)

With beautiful, colorful, tasty and very “instagrammable” dishes, we leave you the eleven best restaurants in Porto and Lisbon.


For followers of a vegetarian diet and veganism or just those looking to eat in a varied way, these restaurants are proof that healthy eating does not have to be a sacrifice. 


Terrárea, Matosinhos

Housed in an old canning warehouse in Matosinhos, Terrárea is a space where decoration, plants and flowers merge into one universe. In this space, in which well-being was the premise, you can have lunch in an indoor garden, enjoy the warmth to read, study or simply enjoy a cup of coffee after you have chosen your favorite flower. Open for breakfast, lunch and snacks, you can try fruit juices, weekly vegetarian dishes or vegan pastries.

Source - Facebook - Terrárea

Época Café, Porto

The restaurant reflects the time the owners spent in Denmark. More than a dining space, Época aims to be a relaxation space for everyone, hence the selection of careful ambient music and the arrangement of books on the tables. The menu is simple and aims to match the dynamics of the space, which is marked by Scandinavian characteristics. With mostly organic seasonal products the restaurant presents us with three to four different dishes daily.

Source - Facebook - Época Cafe

Seiva, Leça da Palmeira

The name of the restaurant is a tribute to the grandfather and father of the owner of the space, both resiners by profession. In addition to being part of the essence of chef David Jesus, Seiva strives to be also part of the essence of its visitors. The space arose with a simple purpose: the willingness to consciously bring people closer to the earth. The menu is fun, dynamic, based on a humble market kitchen but full of influences from the world. The crispy vegetable gyosas with Cantonese sauce, Thai lasagna and stewed tofu are one of its most appreciated dishes on the menu.

Source - Facebook - Seiva, Leça da Palmeira

Em Carne Viva, Porto

In the heart of Avenida da Boavista, with regional inspiration, Em Carne Viva is a restaurant, bar and a wine and tea house. Due to the fact that it is located in a totally ecological building, where even the lamps are made of reused bottles, the visit to this space is almost mandatory. In the very vegetarian but very Portuguese menus, there is vegetable francesinha and even tofu à lagareiro, also known as Sem Pimples à Lagareiro. Its summer terrace, positioned in a very romantic garden, is an authentic haven from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Source - Facebook - In Carne Viva

Suribachi, Porto

Founded in 1980, the restaurant is one of the oldest vegetarian and macrobiotic restaurants in the city. Almost a pioneer in the area, the Suribachi is an icon of the parish of Bonfim. If you want to venture into this universe of homemade meals, in the grocery store at the entrance of the venue, you can find everything you need to create a good dish. Without sugar, following the principles of macrobiotic nutrition, the variety of homemade bread and pastries are the customers’ delights.

Source - Facebook - Suribachi


Restaurante PSI

The restaurant is located in the heart of Lisbon, in the heart of a garden with a waterfall and a lake. The dishes, created by Chef Yasser Saiyad, bring delicacies with touches of India, Thailand, North Africa and Italy. The menu focuses on the potential of vegetarian food and aims to give consumers “a true gastronomic adventure”.

Source - Facebook - PSI Restaurant

Graça 77, Lisboa

As the name implies, the venue occupies the number 77 of the Graça neighborhood in Lisbon. The restaurant was once a cistern in the 12th century, and a large bakery in the nineteenth century. Now, by the hands of António Borges, a 30-year-long vegetarian and his partner Joana Areal, it is “the vegetarian restaurant the city was lacking”, for serving homemade food and for being also a space for exhibitions and gatherings. In addition to well-composed menus, here you will find very varied and affordable vegetarian and vegan snacks, such as sweet potato chips with carrots, seitan pica pau or paprika and coriander hummus.

Source - Tripadvisor - Graça 77

O Botanista, Lisboa

In 2018, Catrina Gonçalves opened the restaurant convinced that 100% vegetable food is the most creative, sustainable and healthy way to feed our body and soul. More than a restaurant, it is a food laboratory, with its own production of fermented cashew cheeses and kombucha. The menu is divided between a very informal brunch or a more exquisite dinner. The space, filled with plants, resembles a greenhouse.

Source - The Botanist

My Mother’s Daughters, Lisboa

My Mother's Daughters, in Largo de São Sebastião, is the café of three daughters and a mother. The delicacies tend to be biological, do not contain animal products and are composed of superfoods. In the fixed menu, there is no shortage of bowls, cereal bars and energy balls. Putting into practice the “zero waste” policy, in the menu, there is always an elaborate starter with the previous day’s leftovers. The unicorn toast, a slice of barred bread with shades between blue and pink, because they are highly “instagrammable”, attracts everyone's attention.

Source - Facebook - My Mother's Daughters

Miss Saigon, Lisboa

Its name derives from Puccini's work and aims to reflect the owners' passion for the West and the East. Although it has been open since 2009, it was only in July 2016 that Miss Saigon titled itself as a 100% vegetarian or vegan cuisine. Fresh herbs, like spices, are absolutely fundamental in the execution of any dish. Colorful and tasty soups, smoothies and organic teas  are always part of the options. Thanks to traditional dishes from different countries, at Miss Saigon, the tasting can extend across borders.

Source - Facebook - Miss Saigon

The Green Affair, Lisboa

Open for both lunch and dinner, this chain already has about three restaurants in Lisbon, all designed for those passionate about exclusively vegetable gastronomy. The goal is simple: intelligent menus without ingredients of animal origin with careful presentation and with an appealing setting. On the menu, inspired by the cuisine of the world, among several other options, the vegetarian burgers and the seitan steak with chili sauce, sweet potato and coleslaw salad stand out, which can be accompanied by cocktails, wines and even craft beer.

Source - Facebook - The Green Affair
The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Porto and Lisbon (11 suggestions)
The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Porto and Lisbon (11 suggestions)