Travel Guide: Sights to visit in Porto

Do you want to know the city of Porto? Don't know how to make the most of a few days in the Invicta? Do you want suggestions for a nice weekend stroll? In this article you will find all the information you need for one or more days well spent in Porto.


Porto is an exciting city. In 2017, it won the award for Best European Destination and, since 1996, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its beautiful monuments and historic buildings. The city is on the slopes of the Douro River and is the second largest city in Portugal. Do You still not know the charms of this city? It's time for us to change that.

What to do in Porto? What are the main sights of Porto?

Need ideas to start outlining your travel plan to Porto? Here are ten sights that you shouldn’t really miss while you're there.

Visit the Clérigos Tower

The architectural ensemble of Clérigos, classified as a National Monument since 1910, is one of the main sights of Porto. From the Clérigos Tower, you can get a 360º view of the city. In all you will have to climb 240 steps until you reach the top but be sure that the landscape is worth every step.

Clérigos Tower

The Ups and Downs of the Guindais Funicular

The Guindais Funicular is a light railway that connects Batalha (Augusto Rosa Street) to Ribeira (Gustave Eiffel Avenue). In addition to being an excellent way to move from one point to the other, the funicular offers you an excellent view over the Douro and the Luíz I Bridge.

Guindais Funicular

Catch the tram

The Porto tram is one of the oldest electrified transport systems in Europe. Riding by tram is therefore a different experience, but also accessible to any wallet.

Why not take the number 1 tram that runs along the riverfront, passes through the Tram Car Museum, the Port Wine Museum and the Arrábida Bridge? I'm sure you'll get amazing vintage style photos.


Enter the Electric Car Museum

The Electric Car Museum is a museum of the Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto (Porto Collective Transportation Society), holder of a collection of electric cars, trailers and vehicles. In this museum, you will discover the more than one hundred years of history of the evolution of Porto's electric traction network. In the museum, you also have the Machine Room of the Massarelos Thermoelectric Power Station and the historical collection of vehicles on rails that you can discover.

Take a guided tour at Casa da Música

Casa da Música is one of the main sights in Porto and it is also one of the most important architectural works in Portugal. The building was designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, and construction was completed in 2005.

Of course you already know Casa da Música and have probably been there for some event, but have you ever taken a guided tour of the building? A visit to this unique place makes all the difference to get to know all the details of the venue.

Source - Facebook - Casa da Música

Palácio da Bolsa (the Stock Exchange Palace)

The Palácio da Bolsa began its construction in 1842, following the closure of the Casa da Bolsa do Comércio. The building was created on the ruins of the Convent of São Francisco and was opened only in 1891.

Currently, the space is the headquarters of the Porto’s Commercial Association and hosts cultural, social and political events. Inside the Palácio da Bolsa, you can find the Courtyard of Nations, the Golden Room, the General Assemblies Room and the Arab Room.

Palácio da Bolsa

Go to Piscinas das Marés

Piscinas das Marés are a set of salt water pools located in Praia de Leça, in the parish of Leça da Palmeira in the municipality of Matosinhos. The swimming pools, designed by architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, were built in 1960.

In 2006, this swimming pool was considered a National Monument. In addition to the swimming pools, changing rooms are available as well as a bar/lounge. This is an excellent option for hot days.

Visit the Estádio do Dragão

Estádio do Dragão is one of the most beautiful football stadiums in Portugal, having served as inspiration for similar buildings in other countries. The stadium, opened in 2003, is located in the parish of Campanhã and is a must visit for fans of Futebol Clube do Porto. If you decide to pay a visit to the stadium, don't forget to also visit its museum to get to know the whole history of the club.

Source - FC Porto - Estádio do Dragão

Discover Livraria Lello (the Lello Bookstore)

Livraria Lello is considered one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. This centenary space of culture is one of the strongest sights of Porto. Its façade has a neo-Gothic style, standing out from the surrounding urban landscape.

Inside the bookstore, there is a lush staircase leading to the first floor and a large stained glass window with the border of the “Decus in labore” bookstore. In 2016, the space was restored, so if you haven't been there since then, you already have a reason to go back. For those who have never visited the Lello bookstore, this is undoubtedly a must-stop place in the city.

Livraria Lello

Visit Serralves

One of the most beautiful places in Porto is the Serralves Museum, which you can visit for free on the first Sunday of each month, from 10 am to 1 pm. You can take the opportunity to stroll through the beautiful gardens of the Park, to visit the architectural spaces and to visit the exhibitions of the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art.

In addition, Serralves has themed parties all year round. To keep up with cultural initiatives, you just need to check the agenda and see if there are any you would like to see.


Six Bridge Cruise

To finish, it is obvious that you cannot miss the six bridge cruise. The tour is essential to get to know the history of the Luíz I, Maria Pia, São João, Arrábida, Freixo and Infante bridges. The tour takes about 50 minutes and is an excellent activity to do as a couple or as a family in Porto.

Six Bridge Cruise

What to visit in Porto for free?

Are you working on a tight budget for your visit to Porto? Do you want to make the most of all the free activities the city has to offer? Find out some excellent options below.

The Port Wine Museum

At the Port Wine Museum, you can get to know the commercial activity of the great wines of the Douro Vinhateiro, the oldest demarcated region in the world. At the weekend the entrance to the museum is completely free and it is undoubtedly an experience that you should not miss. 

Porto City Park

The City Park is an excellent option for a family outing. In this space, you can take the opportunity to go hiking, have a picnic, stroll with your four-legged best friend, exercise and much more. The city park of Porto is the largest urban park in the country. In all, you have 83 hectares and close to ten kilometres of paths at your disposal.

São Bento Station

The Porto - São Bento Railway Station was built at the beginning of the 20th century and is currently considered one of the most beautiful railway stations in the world. The station stands out for its twenty thousand historiated tiles, by the painter Jorge Colaço, which illustrate the evolution of transport and also scenes of Portuguese history and life.

São Bento Station

The Ribeira

Ribeira is one of the oldest and most typical places in Porto, which you can't ignore on a visit to the city. Ribeira is located in the parish of São Nicolau, next to the Douro River, and is part of the Historic Centre of Porto, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Currently, the area is very frequented by tourists. There are often street performers in this place performing various shows, which you can also enjoy free of charge.

The Ribeira

The Foz

Going to Porto and not knowing Foz is a mistake. You can take a beautiful walk from Ribeira to Foz do Douro, covering about six kilometres by the river. You cannot miss the landscapes of Foz, Municipal Natural Heritage, nor the promenade, the bars and the terraces that accompany it, and this is a very busy place both day and night. In this area, you can also find the Jardim do Passeio Alegre, one of the most beautiful gardens in Porto.

The Foz

The Crystal Palace Gardens

The Crystal Palace Gardens are one of the most romantic locations in the city and occupy an area of about eight hectares. These gardens were designed in the 19th century by the German architect and landscaper Émille David, in the context of the construction of the Crystal Palace building itself. The entrance is completely free and you can enjoy a fantastic view.

The Crystal Palace Gardens

The Luís I Bridge

The Luís I Bridge is a bridge in metallic structure with two trays that connects the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. This construction was carried out through the design of the Belgian engineer Théophile Seyrig, who had previously collaborated with Gustave Eiffel in the construction of the Bridge of D. Maria Pia. On the bridge, you can take amazing pictures and enjoy the magnificent landscape of the two cities separated by the Douro.

Luíz I Bridge

The City Market of Bolhão

The Bolhão Market was considered a property of public interest in 2006. Currently, this is the most emblematic market of the city, and its construction is characterised by its monumentality, typical of neoclassical architecture.

The space is undoubtedly one of the biggest sights of Porto, in which you can live and experience the real people of Porto. The Bolhão Market has been renewed over four years and will open its doors again on September 15th, 2022.

Source - Facebook - Mercado do Bolhão

Morro Garden

Morro Garden is located in Vila Nova de Gaia, right next to the Luíz I Bridge. This garden is one of the best viewpoints for the historic area of Porto and was rehabilitated in 2017. Morro Garden is one of the most romantic places to enjoy the city of Porto.

Street parties

At various times of the year, you can find street parties all around Porto. The biggest party in town is undoubtedly the S. João, on the night of the 23rd to the 24th June, which brings to the street a lot of traditional dances.

In addition to this, there is also a beautiful holiday party and some events near Christmas with concerts and free performances on the streets. All you need to do to catch these parties is keep an eye on the city's agenda.

What to do in Porto at night?

Porto is a city with a lot of movement both day and night, especially in summer nights. There is no shortage of options for evening outings in Porto. You can opt for a classic spot to have a drink, visit a nice disco or you can stop by a fado house. In Porto you won’t lack anything. Most of the bars are open until 4:00 a.m. and the clubs until 6:00 a.m., so you can extend your exit into the night.

Plano B

Before it was Plano B, this space was an art gallery. Today, the bar is one of the coolest and trendiest in Porto. Try to get there early because the bar fills up quickly.

Upstairs there is a cafeteria and an exhibition zone with sofas for sitting and chatting and downstairs there are two dance floors, where sometimes there are live concerts. Here, you can find themed parties and music for various tastes and dancing through the night.

Source - Facebook - Plano B

Casa do Livro

Currently, Casa do Livro is a café-bar, at another time it was a very popular bookstore in downtown Porto. In this space, you can enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail to the sound of soft rhythms, ranging from Soul to Jazzy. The space is open from 5:00 in the afternoon until 4:00 in the morning, so it is a great option for a pleasant evening in the company of friends.

Source - Facebook - Casa do Livro

Mal cozinhado

What if you want something more typical, more Porto? A nice suggestion is to embark on a night of fado. There are several fado houses in Porto that you can choose from. Mal Cozinhado is an excellent restaurant and fado house. In this space, you can have an unforgettable night. To get an idea, fado singers such as Amália Rodrigues, Carlos do Carmo, Dulce Pontes and Ana Moura have performed in this space.

Source - Facebook - Mal cozinhado


How about enjoying the sunset on a terrace with a good chill out sound? This is the proposal of Mirajazz, a bar that is a viewpoint over the Douro, where you can listen to jazz.

This can be a great start to your night in Porto. The bar is open every day, but it is on Saturdays and Sundays that Mirajazz hosts live bands.

Source - Facebook - Mirajazz

Café au Lait

The Café au Lait bar is a place where you can start warming up your dance moves early. The music of the space is usually quite consensual, ranging from hip-hop, through techno, to electronic music.

Café au Lait allows you to enjoy light and healthy meals. Here, you can have coffee or tea in the afternoon and dance to a DJ or live music in the evening. The space is located in one of the most beautiful streets of the city, the Galeria de Paris street.

Source - Facebook - Café au Lait

Hot Five Jazz & Blues Club

Would you love to meet one of those typical New Orleans jazz clubs? You don't need to travel to America for that, just go to the Hot Five Jazz & Blues Club in Porto.

If you are a lover of cosy spaces and jazz, blues and soul, you will love this bar. Throughout the week, live music shows take place. This is a great idea to have a slightly more cultural night in Porto.

Source - Facebook - Hot Five Jazz & Blues Club

Maus Hábitos

Maus Hábitos is one of the most trendy and crowded spaces in Porto. There is practically nothing that does not happen in this space.

By day, it functions as a café-bar and vegetarian restaurant, and is also a kind of art gallery with photographs and fine art. At night, the space is a bar where you can watch concerts, where there are hip-hop parties or electronic music and even, sometimes, film sessions and conferences.

The space is right in front of the Porto Coliseum  and is undoubtedly a space that deserves your visit.


Source - Facebook - Maus Hábitos

Industria Club

If you feel like dancing until the morning, Industria Club is the right nightclub. The disco is located in Foz and plays techno and house music with the presence of names of the international electronic music.

Industria Club

Tendinha dos Clérigos

If you prefer to listen to rock, the Tendinha dos Clérigos bar is the best option for your night in the Invicta. At this bar/club, the night can last up to 6:00 in the morning. The objective of the bar is “to emphasise its status of excellence with regard to the nightlife that Portugal can offer”.

Source - Tendinha dos Clérigos

Bonaparte Pub

Bonaparte Pub is located in Foz do Douro, between Castelo do Queijo and Castelo da Foz. The Bonaparte Pub resembles an Irish pub characterised by British decor. In addition to offering varied food and drinks, it also plays music from the 80s.

Source - Facebook - Bonaparte Pub

Where to eat in Porto? What are the best restaurants in Porto?

Do you want to have the true Porto gastronomic experience? Here, we give you the list of the best restaurants in Porto with Tripadvisor reviews.

MUU Steakhouse

MUU Steakhouse is the best rated restaurant in Porto on Tripadvisor. In this small and cosy restaurant, the specialty is matured meats. The decoration of the space was made with comic screens by Rui Sousa.

In addition to the main meat dishes, the house is also known for its creative starters. If you want to have a different and delicious experience, this is the restaurant you should visit.

Source - Tripadvisor - MUU Steakhouse

Euskalduna Studio

If you're looking for a luxury dining experience in Porto, Euskalduna Studio is an excellent choice. Euskalduna started out as a private cooking project, that is, the chefs went to people's homes to make dinner and offer an intimate cooking experience.

Over the years, the project has evolved and, today, there is already a physical space, which remains intimate, to have the Euskalduna Studio experience.

Source - Tripadvisor - Euskalduna Studio


Puorto is one of the most popular spaces in Porto. Before, Puorto was just a street food sandwich house and now it is a restaurant in Ribeira.

Puorto is a small and very welcoming space that offers delicacies such as focaccia bread, francesinhas and homemade fries. If you want something simpler and faster, this is an excellent option.

Source - Tripadvisor - Puorto

Tapabento - Bar Restaurante

Tapabento - Bar Restaurante is a fusion food restaurant and is also suitable for vegetarians. The restaurant is located in Porto's historic centre, just a few metres from São Bento Station.

In this restaurant you will find high-quality cuisine. Shrimp, carpaccios, mussels, oysters, clams, cockles, among others, are the specialties of the space.

Source - Tapabento - Bar Restaurante

Dama Pé de Cabra

The Dama de Pé de Cabra, in Porto, is a grocery store specialised in regional products, but also a bar and petisqueira. In this restaurant, you will find mainly selected and quality products, which are not catalogued as gourmet.

From the menu, we highlight the ham sandwiches of Gouveia, paiola, pork or salpicão, the cheese boards, the sausages, the grilled alheira and the sausage. For those who want to have an experience of traditional flavours, this is the ideal place.

Source - Facebook - Dama Pé de cabra

O Paparico

O Paparico is a restaurant that serves traditional Portuguese cuisine. As a starter, Paparico serves, for example, octopus with green sauce, pataniscas and high quality smoked foods.

As main dishes, the highlight is the posta arouquesa, the coal roasted cod with punched potatoes and the grilled octopus. In addition to the food, Paparico also has a good wine list.

Source - O Paparico

Wine Quay Bar

Feel like having a snack with a good glass of wine to accompany, in a place overlooking the Douro River? Then Wine Quay Bar is the right place to mark your trip to the Invicta. In this bar, you will be served snacks such as olives, cheese and ham, accompanied by a complete and fantastic wine list.

Source - Facebook - Wine Quay Bar

Petisqueira Voltaria

Petisqueira Voltaria is a tapas restaurant with an excellent rating given by its visitors. The most striking and most appreciated elements of the house are the cod dumplings, the quail egg and the Tentúgal pastries.

In addition, you always have the inevitable francesinha, cod à brás, caldo verde and much more. One of the positive aspects most mentioned by customers is precisely the friendliness in the service.

Source - Facebook - Petisqueira Voltaria

Essência Restaurante Vegetariano

And for vegetarians or vegans, what is the best restaurant in Porto? Without a doubt the Essência Vegetarian Restaurant. In this restaurant, you have at your disposal an elegant atmosphere and several options of sophisticated and creative vegetarian dishes and beyond. Those who do not want a vegetarian dish will also find meat and fish options.

Source - Essência Restaurante Vegetariano

Taberna dos Mercadores

Finally, we have Taberna dos Mercadores as one of the restaurants with the best reviews. This restaurant is ideal for those who want to have an experience of traditional Portuguese cuisine, presenting dishes such as octopus rice, Portuguese stew, sardines, salmon and others.

Source - Facebook - Taberna dos Mercadores

Where to sleep in Porto? What are the best hotels in Porto?

Do you want to find the best place to spend the night in the city of Porto? We give you 10 hotels with exceptional reviews on Booking. All of these are excellent options, you just have to check which one best suits your tastes or needs.

InterContinental Porto - Palácio das Cardosas

An excellent option to sleep in Porto is the InterContinental Porto, an 18th-century palace converted into a 5-star hotel. This hotel is also a symbol of the heritage and authenticity of the Invicta.

The hotel is located on Avenida dos Aliados within walking distance of the main sights of the city and boasts various amenities such as luxurious rooms, the luxury restaurant “Square”, the “Cardosas” bar, the Café Astória, a modern Spa, a business centre, a health centre, fitness,  and beauty and well-being treatments.

Check prices and availability
Source - Booking - InterContinental Porto, Palácio das Cardosas

Torel Avantgarde

Torel Avantgarde is an art-centric boutique hotel. The whole decoration of the space is a hymn to art. If you love art or want to enjoy a different experience in Porto, you already know the place you should choose.

The hotel also has a Portuguese haute cuisine restaurant, called Digby, which you should try out. In addition to all this, you can still relax on the hotel terrace that has a breathtaking view of the Douro towards Gaia.

Check prices and availability
Source - Booking - Torel Avantgarde

Pestana Vintage Porto Hotel & World Heritage Site

The Pestana Vintage Hotel Porto & World Heritage Site is situated in one of the most privileged places in the city - in the historic area of Ribeira. The hotel was built from a set of 18 buildings considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some rooms offer an amazing view of the Douro River, Gaia Cellars and the Luíz I bridge.

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Source - Booking - Pestana Vintage Porto

Pestana Porto - A Brasileira, City Center & Heritage Building

Pestana Porto — A Brasileira was built in the famous Cafetaria Portuense A Brasileira, the first to serve coffee in a cup at the beginning of the 20th century. This is also a hotel full of Porto history and culture, and the hotel has retained the original features of the building.

The 89 rooms and suites of the hotel are spread over several thematic floors related to the spices imported in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries: anise, coffee, cinnamon, tea, chocolate and pink pepper.

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Source - Booking - Pestana Porto - A Brasileira, City Center & Heritage Building

Pestana Palácio do Freixo - Pousada & National Monument

The Pestana Palácio do Freixo is about three kilometres from the centre of one of the most vibrant regions of Portugal. The Palácio do Freixo was classified in 1910 as a National Monument. This is also an excellent option for those who appreciate places with history. The hotel is a Nicolau Nasoni design, one of Porto's most important architects.

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Source - Booking - Pestana Palácio do Freixo - Pousada & National Monument

Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa

At the Sheraton hotel, located a minute's walk from Avenida da Boavista, you will have the possibility to fully relax throughout your stay. The hotel offers a yoga studio, various classes, a relaxation area and a juice bar.

The spa has eight treatment rooms and an indoor pool. In addition, the hotel's restaurant includes a glass wine cellar. This is undoubtedly a worthwhile experience in Porto.

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Source - Booking - Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa

Crowne Plaza Porto

The modern Crowne Plaza Porto is a luxury hotel located in Boavista Avenue, 900 metres from Casa da Música. At this hotel, you have at your disposal a fitness centre, a restaurant and a very pleasant bar. This is another excellent option to have an unforgettable night in the Invicta.

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Source - Booking - Crowne Plaza Porto

Porto Palacio Congress Hotel & Spa

At the Palácio Congress Hotel & Spa everything is thought out in detail. Here, you will have a personalised service and you will be able to enjoy the decoration of the space and the gastronomy of the best cuisines in the world. This hotel is located in Boavista Avenue and promises to provide unique stays to its visitors.

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Source - Booking - Porto Palacio Congress Hotel & Spa

Infante Sagres – Luxury Historic Hotel

Infante Sagres is a historic 5-star hotel and member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. You can find this hotel in the centre of Porto, just a four-minute walk from the Aliados Metro Station. In addition to the luxurious rooms, you will also have at your disposal a fine restaurant and a Vogue Café.

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Source - Booking - Infante Sagres, Luxury Historic Hotel

HF Ipanema Park

HF Ipanema Park is a 5-star hotel overlooking the Douro River. At this hotel, you can take advantage of a gym, squash court or even a relaxing massage in the privacy of your room. The hotel also offers babysitting services.

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Source - Booking - HF Ipanema Park

What to do in Porto if it rains?

Do you think the rain came to ruin your plans for your visit to Porto? Don't even think about it, there are lots of great things you can do in the city even in the rain. You don't believe it? Go through this list of suggestions and choose the one that best suits your taste.

Experience an Escape Game

You still don't know the concept of escape games? Basically it consists of being placed inside a room and through several clues you have to figure out how to escape from it. This type of activity is fantastic to do with a group of friends. Occultus Room Escape, White Rabbit Escape Room Porto and Porto Exit Games are some of the companies of this type of games with the best reviews on Tripadvisor.

Drink a hot chocolate

Take advantage of the rain to do something that makes you feel really warm and cosy. A hot chocolate at The Traveller Caffé is a great idea, and this is considered one of the best places for this purpose in Porto.

The space is filled with travel references and there are several amazing drink options. If you wake up late and want to try brunches and enhanced breakfasts at The Traveller Caffé, find out if there are several delicious options to accompany a rainy day.


Hot chocolate

Sit on a covered terrace

Yes, walking through the historic centre of the city and staying on a terrace on a sunny day drinking a cup of coffee or refreshment is something very pleasant. But rainy days also have their charms. Why not look for a covered terrace?

Tavi - Confeitaria da Foz is an excellent example of how to make the most of it even on rainy days. In this place, you will also find a unique bakery and pastry shop to make the wet day even more perfect.

Source - Facebook - Tavi

Visit Porto's first trampoline park

Is it raining outside? Don't worry about that, inside Porto's trampoline park you'll feel completely comfortable. In Jumpers Trampoline Park you can jump up a giant go bag, fight with huge swabs, play football, play basketball or even the traditional game of the forest on the trampolines. Fun is guaranteed. Take a group of friends with you and you’ll have an amazing jumping day.

Source - Facebook - Jumpers

Have a cup of coffee at Café Majestic

Café Majestic is a historic and glamorous café on Santa Catarina street, which has been open since 1921. In 2011, this space was considered the sixth most beautiful café in the world. If you have never visited this space, a rainy day may be the ideal pretext to do so.

Source - Café Majestic

Pay a visit to the Port Wine Cellars

If you have never entered the Port Wine Cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia and if it is raining, all the conditions are created to have a fantastic new experience. Most of the Port wine cellars, in Vila Nova de Gaia, organise visits with the possibility of wine tasting. If you enjoy wine art, this suggestion is the right one for you.

Port Wine

Visit the Palácio da Bolsa do Porto

Palácio da Bolsa is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Porto. The palace is a national monument that was erected by the Commercial Association of Porto on the ruins of the Convent of S. Francisco and is also one of the richest monuments in Portugal. This is the most visited monument in the North of Portugal, so if you haven't visited it yet, you already know what to do on a rainy day in the city of Porto. 

Palácio da Bolsa

Drink a glass of wine in a luxury hotel

Are there any hotels in Porto that you would love to know, but don't have the financial possibilities to stay there? A different program to put into practice on a rainy day is to discover the bars of the best hotels in Porto. Imagine yourself sipping a glass of Port Wine in a 5-star hotel, like the Yeatman or Sheraton.

Fruits Mojitos

Attend a concert at Casa da Música

Casa da Música is one of the grandest monuments of Porto. If you like music, don't miss the opportunity to attend a concert in the entertainment halls of Casa da Música. You're going to have an unusual experience and you won't even remember the fact that it's raining.

Source - Facebook - Casa da Música

Discover the National Theatre of São João

The São João National Theatre was opened for the second time in 1920, after being totally destroyed by a fire. This theatre has an interior structure similar to that of the São Carlos Theatre, and its composition is close toItalian type theatres. It is one of the most beautiful theatres in Portugal where great quality plays are presented. So you can take the opportunity to visit the space and to watch a play.

Source - Facebook - Teatro Nacional de São João

What to do in Porto in one day?

Although all the main points of interest are very close in the city, you will realise that one day is not enough time to get to know, in fact, all aspects of Porto. But you can seize your time and discover some essential points of interest that will make you want to come back again and find out more. The best way to discover the city is to stroll through its streets, so prepare comfortable shoes to walk a lot during the day.

Have breakfast in a trendy place

Nowadays, Porto is full of trendy places, where you can indulge yourself in fantastic products and take that envy photo for Instagram. A beautiful place to start your day with an enhanced breakfast is Negra Café, considered one of the best rated breakfast cafés by visitors.

Source - Facebook - Negra Café

Visit the main sights

Take the opportunity to visit the main attractions of the city, such as the Clérigos Tower, the Stock Exchange Palace and the Cathedral. All of these attractions are close by, so you can always walk to enjoy the streets of the city.

At the top of the Clérigos Tower, after climbing 240 steps, you will be able to have a 360º view of the city, which will allow you to understand where you are and program the next steps of your tour.

Visit Lello Bookstore

Still in the vicinity of the sights mentioned above, don't forget to visit the Lello Bookstore. If you do not know it yet, know that it is only one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world and that it has been recognized several times as such. If you're a book lover, then you really have to come in and buy a good book.

Source - Facebook - Livraria Lello

Walk along Aliados Avenue

Aliados Avenue is the main avenue in the centre of Porto, a place where most tourists arriving from São Bento Station are concentrated. This place, manifests all the architectural beauty of Porto. You can't forget the São Bento Station itself, which is also a very beautiful place.

Aliados Avenue, Porto

Have a francesinha at Café Santiago

The proverb says when in Rome, do as the Romans do. It is practically mandatory to try a beautiful francesinha Porto Style, if you decide to know the city. A great place where you can do it is at Café Santiago, which is right in front of the Porto Coliseum. In addition to being able to taste this typical Porto dish, you will still get to know the outside of the Coliseum.

Source - Café Santiago

Stroll along Santa Catarina Street

If you are in the mood to shop and know some typical products of the region, you can take a pleasant walk in the always busy Santa Catarina Street. In addition to shopping, you will find the most varied street artists who will liven up your afternoon.

Cross the Luíz I Bridge

When the sunset is about to begin, cross the Luíz I Bridge. At the top of the bridge, you will be able to take amazing photos and enjoy the beauty of the Douro River, Ribeira and, in general, the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia.

Luíz I Bridge

Know the Morro Garden in Gaia

When you cross the bridge, you will come across a beautiful garden, Morro. The garden, which is located in Vila Nova de Gaia, allows you to observe the Douro and the city of Porto.

Take the opportunity to rest your legs and regain energy for the end of the day with an incredible landscape.

Dine in a fado house

Go back across the bridge and go to Mal Cozinhado, a very popular and typical fado house of Porto. In this excellent restaurant, in addition to the delicious delicacies that you will be able to enjoy, you will be presented with quality fado.

End the night in a jazz bar

In Porto, you have many places where you can listen to good music. But after enjoying the fado in Mal Cozinhado, we believe a smooth jazz to finish the tour would be great.

The Hot Five Jazz&Blues Club is one of the most popular jazz bars in Porto, with live music and a very New Orleans bar style atmosphere. At the end of the day, only one thing is certain: you will want to come back!

Jazz concert

What to do in Porto in three days?

In three days, you can visit lots of places in Porto without having to rush. In this list, we present to you the activities that you should not miss if you are staying in Porto for three days. In addition to obviously making the most of the gastronomy of Porto, when you are in Porto for a while make sure that you visit all the following Points of interest.

Take the Six Bridge Cruise

There's nothing better to start your journey than taking the Six Bridges Cruise. With this tour, you will soon get to know a large part of the history and landscape of Porto. With this 50-minute trip, you will pass through the Luíz I, Maria Pia, São João, Arrábida, Freixo and Infante bridges.

Stroll through the Historic Centre

The Historic Centre of Porto has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996 and is an amazing place to visit. All the main monuments are very close to each other, so you can easily visit them all. Here, don't forget to visit Aliados Avenue, Clérigos Tower, Palácio da Bolsa, São Bento Station, Sé Cathedral and Lello Bookstore.


Climb the Arrábida Bridge

The Arrábida Bridge is the only national monument of the 20th century in Porto and is also the only bridge that offers climbing. If you like to exercise, this is an excellent option to do and enjoy the fantastic landscape that you will be able to have of the Douro River. The experience is promoted by Turismo do Porto and has all the necessary safety equipment.

Arrábida Bridge

Take a ride on cable car

The Gaia cable car is an excellent option for those who want to know the city better. You can take beautiful pictures by the river, as well as the Luíz I Bridge, and relax a bit.

Gaia cable car, Porto

Visit to Port Wine Cellars

One of the ex-libris of the city of Porto is its wine, so if you are going to discover Porto you can not miss its wine history. In Vila Nova de Gaia, most of the Port wine cellars, organise visits with the possibility of wine tasting.

Port Wine Cellars, Porto

Enter the Bolhão Market

Take the opportunity to get to know the Bolhão Market on your three-day trip.

This market is one of the most emblematic of the country, standing out for its monumentality, typical of neoclassical architecture, and beyond. In this place, you can experience the real people of Porto, which is a priceless experience.

Bolhão Market, Porto

Visit the gardens of the Crystal Palace

If you like walking with your better half, do not leave Porto without knowing the gardens of the Crystal Palace. The palace gardens are one of the most romantic places you'll find in the city. The gardens occupy an area of about eight hectares.

Visit the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden belongs to the University of Porto and is also a very romantic and beautiful place that you should not miss.

The garden includes a historic garden, two lakes (one of which has water lilies), greenhouses (including one of cacti and the another of tropical plants) and spaces with centuries-old trees and varied rare and exotic plant species. If you love biodiversity, you know where to find it in the city.

Botanical Garden, Porto

Get to know the City Park

If you are going to be in Porto for three days, one of the afternoons should be reserved for a picnic in the city park.

The City Park is a very beautiful and relaxing green space, ideal for hiking and outdoor exercise.

Watch a show at Casa da Música

Love music? Then you'll love Porto. A large part of the great Portuguese musicians were born here and the city actually breathes music.

An excellent idea for one of the nights you will spend in Porto is to attend a concert in the beautiful rooms of Casa da Música, one of the most beautiful and important buildings in Porto.

Travel Guide: Sights to visit in Porto
Travel Guide: Sights to visit in Porto