The best panoramic swings in Portugal (21 suggestions)

The Panoramic Swings have not only become fashionable, they are here to stay. This time, we leave you our 21 best suggestions but there are still many more to discover.


Panoramic swings enhance the scenic beauty of secret places and are increasingly sought after all over the country.

Discover and dazzle yourself without having to leave national territory. Enjoy the sunrise or sunset and take the best pictures.

From North to South, you will get to know the best swings overlooking the most beautiful corners of Portugal!


Boneca Panoramic Swing, Penafiel

The Boneca Panoramic Swing and Viewpoint are about an hour away from Porto. Those interested can access the trail, which starts near the Parish Council of Sebolinho, to reach the monuments. The trail has a bit of a slope, but you only need to travel about a kilometre to reach your destination.

The Swing was created by a group of friends who wanted to attract attention to Serra da Boneca. After becoming an icon of the Serra, they had to reposition the panoramic swing and the group also built the viewpoint.

From the Boneca panoramic Swing and viewpoint, people can enjoy a landscape marked by the Douro River and the peculiarities of the Serra.

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Mezio Panoramic Swing, Arcos de Valdevez

In the parish of Cabana Maior, in Arcos de Valdevez, near the village of Soajo, you will find the Mezio panoramic swing. This is the largest rope swing in Portugal. A wooden structure more than seven metres high.

From there, you can enjoy a beautiful 360 º view of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, considered a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. In addition, you can take a walk, enjoy the sunset and enjoy all the space because all access is free.

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Cervo Panoramic Swing — CerLove, Vila Nova de Cerveira

Installed on the hill of the Cervo viewpoint, right next to the famous sculpture that pays homage to Vila Nova de Cerveira, you will find this two-seater swing.

Also known as CerLove, this panoramic swing has a view from the passage through Valença to the river mouth, in Caminha, to the Atlantic Ocean. In the background, you can glimpse the Minho river.

On site, there is a car park in the area, which helps a lot, as the swing is widely visited, especially by our Spanish neighbours. As this swing takes two people, this is one of the most sought after to provide a romantic setting.

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Castro de Anissó Panoramic Swing, Vieira do Minho

Installed at the top of the Castro de Anissó at 732 metres of altitude, you will find  the Castro de Anissó panoramic swing.

With a majestic view over Gerês, particularly the Albufeira do Ermal, this place is perfect if you want to register a unique landscape or a sunset for two.

This swing has a two-seater structure and if you like nature, you will surely be enchanted by the scenery of the mountains.

To access the location, you will need to leave the car some distance away and take a short walk.

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Nossa Senhora da Luz Panoramic Swing, Marco de Canaveses

Located in Bem Viver, a parish of Marco de Canaveses, this panoramic swing offers a stunning landscape and is an excellent viewpoint for the Douro River. Opened in June 2020, it is a place already widely visited by those who like to appreciate the valleys and mountains.

If the plan is a family day out, prepare the basket with the food as there are tables and you can enjoy a nice picnic. The access is easy and you can follow the signs of the Divino Salvador park.

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440 Panoramic Swing, Fafe

If you are looking for a spot for a romantic surprise, this is undoubtedly a place to visit. “The love that unites us” is the phrase engraved on the bench of lovers that makes this one of the most emblematic panoramic swings in Portugal.

Located in the parish of Travassós, in Fafe, Swing 440 is one of the favourite places for couple photographs, not only for the theme that describes it but also for the incredible view.

In addition, it has the complete kit for swing hunters: tables for picnics, drinking water, barbecue grills, tarmac road to the site and place to park. Do you need any better?

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Moldes Panoramic Swing, Arouca

The Moldes panoramic Swing is very close to the Parque de Lazer da Palma, in Arouca. Located on top of a lot of Moldes, this place is very quiet and surrounded by nature.

The view is over the mountains, green spaces and the surrounding villages. For lovers of the corners of Portugal, this is a typical landscape of the North. The  Moldes panoramic Swing is widely visited by tourists and there are those who prefer to visit it during the day, but there are also those who choose to capture the moonlight. The Moldes Swing is accessible by car and you can park within a few metres of the property.

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I Love Pateira Panoramic Swing, Agueda

On the banks of the lagoon of Pateira de Óis da Ribeira, the I Love Pateira panoramic swing was inaugurated in August 2020. This place is highly sought after for picnics, nature walks and sports.

The view is wonderful and you can still enjoy a relaxed atmosphere nearby, because, right next door, there is a bar with a terrace and restaurant. If you live in the Águeda area, don't miss the opportunity to visit this swing.

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Colherinhas Panoramic Swing, Aguiar da Beira

Close to Guarda, more specifically in Colherinhas de Cima, there is another swing that you cannot miss! The Colherinhas Panoramic Swing is located in the parish of Aguiar da Beira and is simply charming.

It is not yet very popular, so the atmosphere is quiet and allows you to be in communion with nature. Although access is a little difficult, the view makes up for everything! 

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Rio Panoramic Swing, Oliveira de Frades

The Rio Panoramic Swing is perhaps one of the most visited. The swing is located near the Ribeiradio Dam, next to the Vouga River, and offers spectacular views. From this place, you can see the horizon between mountains and valleys, surrounded by vegetation reflecting on the river.

The space has parking and good access, also for people with reduced mobility. The swing is on the N16, close to the Ecopista and is a very attractive suggestion for a walk or bike ride in the district of Viseu.

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Seminário Maior Panoramic Swing, Coimbra

Already in the centre area, you will find a very instagramable place: the Seminary Maior de  Coimbra Swing. Facing the Mondego River and behind the Seminário Maior this swing has a capacity for two people and is supported by a wooden structure.

Although it is perfect for moments for two or relaxation, this swing sometimes goes unnoticed, which ends up providing a much loved tranquillity. There is no sign indicating the exact location, but just go around the building of the Seminário Maior de Coimbra and you arrive at your destination!

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Boa Vista Panoramic Swing, Pampilhosa da Serra

In Coimbra, more precisely Pampilhosa da Serra, you can visit the Boa Vista Panoramic Swing. It is said that the handmade swing was made by two kids of this land and reflects the hospitality of the inhabitants, having become a tourist attraction.

Pampilhosa da Serra is a quiet, stunning and ideal place to breathe fresh air. The view falls on the houses of the village of this region of Beira Baixa and is certainly another swing to add to  the list of your next tours.

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Trevim Panoramic Swing, Serra da Lousã

Located at the highest point of Serra da Lousã, at around 1,200 metres of altitude, the Trevim Panoramic Swing wins you over  for its infinite landscapes.

The size of the Trevim Swing is gigantic, which makes it inviting for kids and adults, although the accesses are not in perfect condition, the place has space to park and is certainly a place to put on your wishlist.

Tip: enjoy the sunset because at that time you will be able to find animals in the wild, which makes the scenery much wilder and more enchanting.

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Penedo dos Namorados Panoramic Swing, Carregal do Sal

The Penedo dos Namorados Panoramic Swing has a stunning landscape! Next to the village of Papízios, right at the top of Carregal do Sal, the Penedo dos Namorados Swing is highly sought after by couples who, in the back and forth of this swing, have a privileged view over the Dão River.

The fact that you are on private property in no way makes it impossible for you to visit this swing, as long as you are careful. The terrain is quite rugged and there is no car park or toilet nearby.

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Terra e Mar Panoramic Swing, Oliveira de Frades

If there is one name that was easy to choose, it surely was the one for this swing. Located in Ribeiradio, in the municipality of Oliveira de Frades, Terra e Mar swing unites the best of both worlds: land and sea. If you try the swing, you can have a magnificent 360-degree view over the Central Coast and the Baixo Vouga and the Atlantic Ocean.

Really close to the swing, you will find the Mota do Amor (Love Bike) which is another sought after attraction in the area for fun pictures. Car accesses are advised against due to the rocky terrain, however the venue is an excellent destination for a bike ride.

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Ladeira Panoramic Swing, Nazaré

Located in Sítio da Nazaré, in Leiria, the Ladeira Panoramic Swing received as its baptism name “It was Love at first sight”. The swing offers a panoramic view of the Portuguese coast and is right in front of Nazaré Beach.

It is really worth going down the slope and visiting this place to enjoy the scenery. You can choose to climb the elevator to the site and then go down some 15 metres on foot, we advise you to take comfortable shoes to be able to make the route.

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Portelas Panoramic Swing, Loures

In Loures, on the road of Fanhões, the Portelas Panoramic Swing was conceived and built integrated in a program for improvement and humanization of spaces.

In addition to the pleasant viewpoint, which, due to its scenic beauty, invites you to intervals of serenity and freedom, in the area you will find the ideal setting for your photographs. This swing is right at the gates of Lisbon and whoever passes there highlights the beauty of the view and its security.

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Forte da Carvalha Panoramic Swing (Arruda dos Vinhos)

Located at the highest point of the municipality of Arruda dos Vinhos, it is in Forte da Carvalha, that this new point of interest arises: the swing. This swing is inserted in an archaeological area that integrates the Historical Route of the Torres Lines  and has good accessibility.

Here, next to the  Torres Lines, you will appreciate historical,cultural and environmental details of the area. If you are an admirer of history and nature, the Forte da Carvalha Swing is the place where you will find an amazing view!

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Serra D'Ossa Swing, Estremoz

In the heart of the Central Alentejo, more specifically Estremoz, you will find the Serra D'Ossa painted in green tones. Built on the Meia Serra road, Saloiço da Serra D'Ossa is surrounded by a rural landscape, populated and extensive plains. A very typical setting of the Alentejo.

Estremoz is known as the “White City” due to the marble deposits, but this swing in the middle of the mountains shows the best nature has to offer.

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Swing of Pipa, Barrancos

The Swing of Pipa is in the municipality of Barrancos, in the district of Beja, and overlooks the emblematic plains and valleys. the simple fact that you sit on the swing is a sweeping experience, because the feeling of freedom is automatic and you have as background a sensational view.

Access can be made by car to the site. Just follow the Estrada de Barrancos to the Ribeira da Murtega Bridge and arrive at your destination.

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Messines de Cima Panoramic Swing

In São Bartolomeu de Messines, village in the municipality of Silves, comes the installation of this swing that promises to be the first of many. The Panoramic Swing of Messines de Cima was born from a project of the Messinense municipality together with the Extremo Sul Association. Although there is no signage, it is positioned at a very high point and you will have a panoramic view over much of the Algarve.

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As you see Portugal has a lot to offer. The Panoramic Swings have not only become fashionable, they are here to stay. This time, we leave you our 21 best suggestions but there are still many more to discover. Do not miss the news of the Excellent!

The best panoramic swings in Portugal (21 suggestions)
The best panoramic swings in Portugal (21 suggestions)