Cíes Islands: an authentic paradise

The Cíes Islands are an authentic paradise. The crystal clear waters, clear sand and trails are in total communion with nature.


Situated in Spain, the Islands make up the incredible Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of Galicia's Atlantic Islands. The Islands are considered one of the most beautiful places in the country and that is why the Romans called them the Islands of the Gods. The Cíes archipelago consists of three islands: Monte Agudo, O Faro and San Martiño - the first two are joined by Praia de Rodas. Follow the Excelente’s suggestions and have a wonderful trip!

How to get to Cíes Islands?

To get to the Cíes Islands you can start from three points:

  • Vigo

  • Cangas

  • Bayonne

The price of the boat trip is around 21 euros/adult and 10 euros for children (up to 12 years). Schedules vary depending on the time of year.

Taking into account the high demand in the high season (June-September), it is advised to purchase the boat ticket in advance.

How to get there from Porto?

Depending on the mode of transport you choose to make your trip, going from Porto to the pier can take around 1h30. We will leave you with three alternatives:

  • Car: you can leave the car in the parking lot and pay 19 euros/24h.
  • Train: this option is one of the most economical in financial terms, since the round-trip ticket is 23,90 euros (Porto Campanhã - Vi go). However, the trip can take longer, up to 2h20, and from Vigo station to the pier is another hour on foot.
  • Excursion: there are several companies aimed at providing excursions between Porto-Vigo. Vertical Tur, for example, charges 40 euros for a package that includes transportation to and from Porto (1h30) and round-trip boat ticket (45min).

Locations and times:
6.35 h — São João Hospital/in front of the Petrol Station
 6.50 h — Boavista/in front of the House of Music
 7.00 h — Trindade/Metro Station
 7.15 h — Campanhã/Train Station

  • Bus: The price of the bus trip varies depending on the time of year and can range from 10 euros (round trip) to 30 euros (round trip), taking up to 2h30. Do your simulation here.

Beaches to visit in the Cíes Islands

Rodas Beach

Considered by The Guardian (2006) as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This beach is responsible for welcoming tourists on arrival by boat and has a sandy beach more than 1,300 metres long and 60 metres wide.

Rodas Beach, Spain

Figueiras Beach or Germans Beach

This option is known for the contrast of colours, the blue of the water with the green of the forest.

Figueiras Beach or Germans Beach, Portugal

Nossa Senhora Beach

Located on Faro Island, the beach has a beautiful wooden staircase that welcomes visitors. This is one of the best options for snorkelling enthusiasts.

Nossa Senhora Beach, Portugal

Bolos Beach or Conchas Beach

This beach is the continuation of Rodas Beach. The name “Conchas Beach” is due to the fact that, depending on the state of the tide, the sand is covered with shells, forming an authentic sheet. 

Bolos Beach or Conchas Beach, Spain

Areíña Beach and Muxieiro Beach

The access to these beaches is a short way next to the restaurant.

Cantareira Beach or Margaridas Beach

This beach is one of the least frequented by tourists, so it is the ideal option for those looking for some tranquillity. In addition, it is surrounded by rocks, allowing some privacy and reducing the wind.

San Martiño Beach

The sand is about 300 metres long, but it is only possible to visit the beach by renting a boat with docking authorization.

Trails you can't miss in the Cíes Islands

The Cíes Islands are full of temptations. From sunbathing, diving and the total immersion achieved in close contact with nature, this is the ideal place to explore and, therefore, nothing better than adding a trail to your trip.

Monte Faro Route

This is the longest and most popular route on the island. From this walk, if the water permits, you will be able to observe the wide variety of fish, crustaceans and algae. Given that only the high point of the island has trees that offer some shade, it is advisable to use a hat and sunscreen.

Distance: 7.4 Km (round trip)
Duration: 2h 30min (round trip) 
Difficulty: medium
Circular: no Departure/Arrival
Location: Porto de Rodas /Farol das Cíes

Monte Faro Route, Spain

Porta Lighthouse Route

The Porta Lighthouse Route, on the Cíes Islands, suggests a route along the southernmost coast of the island of O Faro. This trail allows a view of the islands very close to the sea.

Distance: 5.2 Km (round trip)
Duration: 1h45min (round trip)
Difficulty: low
Circular: no Departure/Arrival 
Location: Porto de Rodas /Farol d'A Porta

Route of Alto do Príncipe

It is the shortest and easiest route of the Cíes Islands  to follow without losing any of the beauty of the archipelago.

Distance: 3 Km (round trip)
Duration: 1h 15 min (round trip)
Difficulty: low
Circular: no
Location of Departure/Arrival: Porto de Rodas/Alto do Príncipe

Route of Alto do Príncipe, Spain

Monteagudo Route

This trail takes you from the idyllic woods to the top of the Peito Lighthouse. Due to the proximity to the continental mass you can enjoy magnificent views, including the Ría de Vigo.

Distance: 5.6 Km (round trip)
Duration: 1h 45 min (round trip)
Difficulty: low
Circular: no Departure/Arrival
Location: Porto de Rodas /Peito Lighthouse

Where to sleep?

The Cíes Islands offer excellent accommodation options in total communion with nature: camping. For this purpose, there is an Official Camping site with capacity for 600 seats — taking into account the limited number of places, the best thing is to reserve a seat through the official website. 


The park is 100 metres from the beach and has restaurants, supermarket and a cafeteria. In addition, it is 1 kilometre from the car park and you can use your tent or rent one on site.

Google Maps

If you prefer a hotel, then it is best to choose an accommodation in Vigo.

Best Accommodations in Vigo

Vigo is filled with amazing hotels, many of them overlooking the sea. Depending on your preference, be it the privacy of a hotel room or the convenience of an apartment, the best thing is to take a look at our selection.

Apartments Dunas de Samil

This accommodation is a three-minute walk from the beach — Is there any better? This option offers you all the necessary amenities, from the kitchen, the balcony and rooms meticulously prepared to offer all the comfort.

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Source - Booking - Apartments Dunas de Samil, Spain

Olivo Apartment by Pris

At Olivo Apartment, you can fall asleep with your eyes set on the sea. This one-bedroom guest house has a superb balcony with city and beach views.

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Source - Booking - Olivo Apartment by Pris, Spain

Samil Playa 

The accommodation Samil Playa is an apartment, featuring a balcony, free parking situated next to the beach. This option also allows you to take your four-legged companion.

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Source - Booking - Samil Playa, Spain

Axis Vigo

One of the main advantages of this hotel is its location, as it is within walking distance of several points of interest of the city, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Maritime Station, among others.

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Source - Booking - Axis Vigo, Spain

Hotel Pazo Los Escudos Spa & Beach

Located next to the beach, Pazo Los Escudos is a five-star hotel where luxury is the real protagonist. This option not only features an outdoor pool, but also a spa with a hot tub, a sauna, an indoor heated pool and a hammam.

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Source - Booking - Hotel Pazo Los Escudos Spa & Beach, Spain

If you haven't visited the Cíes Islands yet, you don't know what you’re missing! Although the water is a bit cold, the trip from Porto is relatively quick  and you have  the best scenery of an Atlantic Island waiting for you. A magical place with beautiful beaches. Basically, paradise on earth!

Cíes Islands: an authentic paradise
Cíes Islands: an authentic paradise