Six amazing bike routes in Portugal

Discover all the information of the 6 best bike routes in Portugal.


If you are always up for some sightseeing, this article is for you, especially if you are a lover of bike rides. The routes we present to you will make all the difference when you pick up your two-wheeled companion. If you decide to try the different routes, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best paths and the most beautiful Portuguese landscapes. 


Start/End: Tróia/Sagres
Distance: about 208 kilometres
Duration: 1 or 2 days
Best time to do it: April/ May — September/October
Worst time to do it: November — February
Description of the terrain: uneven floor, but general rule the road is in good condition. Some steep climbs;
Description of the route: much of the route takes place by the sea, so you can take advantage of the surrounding landscapes. The route takes place on secondary roads, that is, there is a lower flow of traffic.
Most complicated part: São Teotónio, Odeceixe and Carrapateira
Don't miss: visit the beach of Odeceixe, surely one of the most beautiful in Portugal
Difficulty level: low

Troia-Sagres, Portugal

Crossing Portugal

Start/End: Bragança/Sagres
Distance: about 1,050 kilometres
Duration: 16 days
Best time to do it: June
Worst time to do it: during winter
Description of the terrain: more than 90% on all-terrain
Description of the route: it is a trail that allows us to have a 360º view of Portugal. Imagine starting in the interior of Terra Fria, going down the Beiras, crossing Alentejo and ending along the slopes of the Algarve.
Most complicated part: Serra da Malcata and Serra de Monchique
Don't miss: Douro River, Calçada de Sanfana, Almeida, Monsanto, Portas de Ródão, Castelo de Vide, Monsaraz, Cordoama Beach
Difficulty level: very high

Crossing Portugal

Tróia - Odemira - Vilamoura

Start/End: Tróia — Vilamoura
Distance: 270 kilometres
Duration: 2 days
Best time to do it: May
Worst time to do it: November — March
Description of the terrain: mostly irregular, with wide roads. Still, there are some 'single tracks' (narrow tracks), namely, after Odemira and near the passage in Ribeira do Algibre
Description of the route: it is a balanced route that provides a bit of everything, from the sea breeze at the exit of Tróia, to the fresh air of the Grândola or Cercal mountains; from the deepest Algarve, in São Marcos da Serra, to the beauty of Alte and Paderne or the other Algarve of Vilamoura
Most complicated part: Serra de Grândola
Don't miss: Santiago do Cacém, Morgável Dam, Odemira City, Paderne Castle
Difficulty level: medium

Troia - Odemira - Vilamoura, Portugal

Portuguese Way of Santiago de Compostela

Start/End: Lisbon — Santiago de Compostela
Distance: About 680 kilometres
Duration: 6 to 7 days
Best time to do it: May, June and September
Worst time to do it: July/August, November — March
Description of the terrain: quite irregular, without great climbs and mostly off-road.
Description of the route: spectacular landscapes along the entire route. The path will make you feel isolated from everything and everyone and in full harmony with Nature.
Most complicated part: ascent of Labruja in the municipality of Ponte de Lima (most of it almost impossible to climb by bike. Walking can take about an hour)
Don’t miss: the view and tranquillity after climbing the mills at Arneiro das Milhariças, as well as the Minde, the Serra d'Aire and Candeeiros, the landscape to Coimbra, the wooden walkways and the bike paths that connect Espinho to Gaia, the city of Porto, Barcelos, Ponte de Lima (delight yourself with the famous Rojões and Sarrabulho rice!) and, of course, Santiago de Compostela.
Difficulty level: low/medium.

Portuguese Way of Santiago de Compostela

Tagus Way

Start/End: Torre Vasco da Gama (Parque das Nações) — Fátima
Distance: about 145 kilometres
Duration: 2 days
Best time to do it: March - April
Worst time to do it: November — March/July — August
Description of the terrain: quite irregular and practically without difficulties up to Santarém. Then, up to the final stretch, the percentage of dirt road section increases and, with it, the climbs and the level of difficulty.
Description of the route: able to reconcile the easy with the complicated, that is, it is ideal for those who want to prepare for more demanding routes.
Most complicated part: Coelho's Covão
Don’t miss: Mills in Arneiro das Milhariças, Nascente do Alviela, Viewpoints to Minde.
Difficulty level: medium

Tagus Way

Atlantic Way

Start/End: Carcavelos — Carvalhal
Distance: 35 kilometres
Duration: 1 day
Best time to do it: April — October
Worst time to do it: November — April
Description of the terrain: composed of enough narrow paths (single tracks) in the middle of the vegetation, without significant large slopes.
Description of the route: privileged view of the cliffs, the sea and countless beautiful beaches such as Azenhas do Mar beach
Most complicated part: nothing to highlight
Don’t miss: Fountain of the Sabuga, Church of Santa Maria, Parque da Liberdade
Difficulty level: low

Atlantic Way
Six amazing bike routes in Portugal
Six amazing bike routes in Portugal