Amusement parks to discover in Portugal (42 suggestions)

Portugal has a varied set of Theme Parks and Water Parks. If you want to visit the different Amusement Parks in the portuguese territory or if you want to explore those that are closer to your location, check with Excellent the characteristics of each one. 


Find out which types of Amusement Parks are best for your family and learn about the activities that distinguish each establishment. Then ask yourself: do I want adventures with water or would I rather occupy my time with roller coasters or discovering new information? Don't worry. Excelente helps you decide. Explore the different suggestions of Excelente and choose the Park that is most appealing to your desires.

Water Parks

Amarante Water Park

Amarante Water Park features the water park, wave pools, farm houses, event house and gym. The park is seen as the largest in the Iberian Peninsula. Water activities are aimed at both adults and children. The Fast Tracks, the Multiple Lanes and the Aquatube are some of the most appreciated slides by visitors. Enjoy a hot day, head to Amarante and dive into the waters of the Water Park.

Source - Facebook - Amarante Water Park

Aqualand Algarve

Aqualand Algarve features three long slides, two renovated runways, a semi-Olympic pool and a wave pool. For the little ones, the water park has a children's paradise of amusement and slides with a few slopes. If you want to get away from the most extreme amusements, you can explore the Congo River, a 270-metre river that can be descended with buoys.

Source - Facebook - Aqualand Algarve

Aquashow - Waterpark

The Aquashow has an outdoor and an indoor park. Mammothblast, Watercoaster, Wave Pool, Aqualandia, Twin Space Shuttle, River Slide, Mini Train, Top Swing, Tropical Pool, Aquakids, Free Fall, Shark Slide, Pink Slide, Air Race, Speed Race, Tubes, White Fall, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Thunder Cruise, Wild Snake, Lazy River, Foam Tracks, are some of the attractions of the park. In addition to these amusements, visitors can see the bird of prey and reptile shows.

Source - Facebook - Aquashow, Waterpark


Magikland has seven acres with six thematic areas: Africa, World of Confusion, Medieval Village, Pirate Refuge, Far-West and Souk. The amusement park also has four swimming pools, carousels and castles.

Source - Facebook - Magikland

Water Park Gerês

Water Park Gerês is located in Praia do Alqueirão. The park has several inflatables, slides, platforms to rest, paddle and trampolines. If the amusements are not enough reasons to visit the Water Park Gerês, then the 24°C water from the beach must be the reason you’re missing!

Source - Facebook - Water Park Gerês

Aquapark Fratelli - Inflatable Water Park

Aquapark Fratelli is located in Fafe. The park has an inflatable course, with slides and climbing. Aquapark Fratelli is located in a space where beach and picnics can be held. If you’d like, you can try the sun loungers and have ice cream at the bar.

Source - Facebook - Aquapark Fratelli, Inflatable Water Park

NaturWaterPark - Douro Amusement Park

Douro Amusement Park is set in Quinta do Barroco. In addition to having a water park, NaturWaterPark also offers an adventure park and campsite. According to NaturWaterPark, it provides “very strong water emotions”. The water park guarantees fun, safety and “amazing slides”.

Source - Facebook - NaturWaterPark - Douro Amusement Park

Scorpio Pools

Scorpio is located in the pool complex of Guimarães. The amusement park consists of two swimming pools, Fantasilândia and Waterslide. Fantasilândia features multitracks, slides, water jerks and a 12-metre-long tubular water slide. The Waterslide has a 20 metres long slide, a reception tank of 54 metres and a starting platform six metres high.

Source - Tempo Livre Guimarães - Scorpio

Aquaplay - Swimming Pool Complex

Aquaplay is located in Fafe. The amusement park has swimming pools of different sizes, slides, a jacuzzi and a zone for activities. The Aquaplay features sun loungers and a bar.

Source - Facebook - Aquaplay - Swimming Pool Complex

Aqualike - Water park

Also known as AquaFixe, the water park is located in Torre de Moncorvo. The Aqualike has several amusements, such as the Black Shark slides, the Fast Tracks, the three intertwined tracks Twisted Tracks and the Bubbles zone. In addition to the swimming pool, you can also find a playground for children.

Water park in Mariparque

Located in Vieira de Leiria, Mariparque offers water slides, toboggans, slides, slopes and several outdoor pools for children and adults. During the day, the park is animated by the team “Hello Mariparque”. One factor that may help you decide to visit this park is the fact that it is located close to the beach. Therefore, if you want to spend a day in an amusement park and then dive into the sea, you should choose Mariparque.

Source - Facebook - Mariparque

Panorâmico Aquaparque

Panorâmico Aquaparque is located in central Portugal. The water park has several pools, long slides, a children's playground and five lanes. The space is large and has several places to place your towel.

Source - Facebook - Panorâmico Aquaparque

Santarém Aquatic Complex

The Santarém Aquatic Complex has indoor and outdoor pools, it has water games, a wave pool, a waterfall, jacuzzi, slides with three lanes and two snail slides and a children's pool for the little ones. If you want, you can make use of the bar, the lawn, the sun loungers and the Comfort Zone.

Source - Facebook - Viver Santarém EM SA

Splash Seixal

At Splash Seixal you can have “a perfect day with family and friends, where there will be no shortage of entertainment, activities, rest areas with street food, shades, music and good mood”. In the park you have access to the carousel, table football, Wildsplash, Dynamics Boats, volleyball court, Banzai Splash and Obstacle Splash.

Source - Facebook - Splash Seixal

Slide & Splash - Waterpark

Slide & Splash has “water entertainment for all tastes and ages”. The park also has spaces with sun loungers, areas for animal shows, spa, massages, a shop and restaurants.

Source - Facebook - Slide & Splash - Oficial

Lagoa do Falcão Water Park

The park is located in Torre Vedras and combines leisure, entertainment and outdoor adventure. Lagoa do Falcão Water Park has several inflatables, obstacle courses, climbing, bubble football, archery circuit, slide, canoeing, among other activities.

Source - Facebook - Parque Aquático Lagoa do Falcão

Oasis Water Park

The Oasis Water Park has a swimming pool, two slides and a lawn. One of the slides is open and extensive, and the other is closed, higher and faster. The lawn area has shadess and is ideal for relaxing with the family.

Source - City Council Ponte de Sor - Oasis Water Park

Crato Water Park

The park is located in the Alentejo and offers a 30-metre water slide for the bravest. Those who do not want to venture through this slide, can opt for the boards and trampolines. For the little ones, the park has two swimming pools.

Source - City Council Crato - Crato Water Park

Castelinho Leisure Park

The Castelinho Leisure Park has playgrounds, mini-golf course, children's playground, leisure park and a geriatric park. Those who visit the park can try the water activities and still visit the Aquamuseum of the Minho River.

Source - City Council Vila Nova de Cerveira - Castelinho Leisure Park

Carvalhais Biopark

In the park, at your disposal, you have  the swimming pool, volleyball and football fields, tree climbing, climbing, rappel, slide, paintball and target shooting. If you want, you can try different routes. The Carvalhais Biopark has a swimming pool with slides and offers accommodation and camping.

Source - Facebook - Bioparque

Aquaparque Madeira

Aquaparque Madeira has several swimming pools and slides, and hosts pedagogical sessions with exotic birds. The park features a miniZoo with many species of birds and reptiles.

Source - Tripadvisor - Aquaparque Madeira

Theme Parks


The Diver Group is located in Braga (Diverlanhoso), Viana do Castelo (Diverminho) and Serra da Estrela (Diverestrela). Diverlanhoso features more than 50 activities such as slide, paintball, bungee jumping, canyoning, rafting and Escape Rooms. If you have the opportunity, you should stay overnight in the mountain houses of the park.

Source - Facebook - DiverLanhoso

World of Discoveries

At World of Discoveries, you can get to know the Discoveries that marked the globalisation of humanity. The space also invites you to discover “the city where Infante D. Henry, the man who gave new worlds to the world, was born”.

Source - World of Discoveries, Oporto

Sniper Adventure Park

The Sniper Adventure Park has seven paintball scenarios, a swimming pool with panoramic views, cabins, changing rooms, canteens and dining rooms. Here, you can combine a more radical activity with group gatherings.

Source - Sniper Adventure Park

Feijão Verde Fun Park Sintra

Feijão Verde Fun Park Sintra is a great space for the little ones and has a park and several trampolines. In addition to Sintra, you will also find these amusements in Porto, Aveiro and Coimbra.

Source - Facebook - Feijão Verde Fun Park

Cova da Baleia Parque Aventura

Parque Aventura has a swimming pool, paintball courts, Tree-walking circuits, changing rooms, slide, bar and terrace, picnic area and features green spaces and barbecue. In the park, you can perform paintball, climbing, slide, diving, cooperative games, human table football games, orientation games. You should also try the swimming pool, trampoline, archery, inflatables and treasure hunt.

Source - Cova da Baleia, Parque Aventura

Pena Aventura

Pena Aventura will leave you sad for not being able to experience all the activities in one day. Slide, paintball, climbing, mini golf, cart, canoeing, water hiking are some of the adventures you can have in Pena Aventura.

Source - Facebook - Pena Aventura

Azurara Parque Aventura

Paintball, tree climbing, slide circuit, mini bridges, extreme buoys, stand up paddle, canoeing, canoe ride, air bungee, horseback riding, climbing, treasure hunting, rappelling and surfing are some of the activities you should try at Azurara Parque Aventura. The park organises programs for companies, for birthday parties, holiday camps, ATL and for stag parties.

Source - Azurara Parque Aventura

Sabichão Saltitão

The amusement park is located in Braga. The Sabichão Saltitão features a maze with three floors, six slides, ball cannons, swimming pool, two trampolines, an electric train, an inflatable and a football field. Children can also play games on the consoles, try karaoke and the disco.

Source - Sabichão Saltitão

Picoto Park

Picoto Park has activities such as tree climbing, mountain biking, bumperball, canyoning, adventure circuit, eco fun, climbing, hoverboard, inflatables, sumo fighters, mini golf, mini slide, paintball, pedal kart, hunting course, quick jump, rafting, segway, target shooting, among others. The park is ideal for joining groups, companies or schools. Rates Park has the same activities.

Source - Facebook - Picoto Park

Hangar 2020 Fun Park

Hangar 2020 Fun Park brings together a set of trampolines and activities that can be carried out between jumps. This park is ideal for gathering friends.

Source - Facebook - Hangar Fun Park

Timeout Aventura - Parque Aventura

Timeout Aventura - Parque Aventura aims to “provide and value moments/experiences of sport, leisure and training in contact with nature”. The park provides activities for each element of nature (water, air, fire, earth). The water includes canoeing, canyoning and stand up paddle. Rappelling, slide, paintball, mountain biking, treasure hunt are other activities encompassed in the remaining elements.

Source - Facebook - Timeout Aventura

Quantum Park

Quantum Park presents itself as “the largest indoor trampoline, climbing, ninja course and skateboarding park in the country”. According to the park, “here, you just have to bring all your energy and will to defy gravity”. Quantum Park has several trampolines and many other structures ready to entertain you.

Source - Facebook - Quantum Parks

Portugal dos Pequenitos

Portugal dos Pequenitos is a must stop for those who decide to visit Coimbra. In the Park you can explore the Regional Houses, Portugal Monumental, Além o Mar, Insular Portugal and Coimbra - all in miniature. The Costume Museum is also something you can explore in these cities for the little ones.

Source - Facebook - Portugal dos Pequenitos


In Vivapark you can indulge in  paintball, slide, abseiling, treasure hunt, bridge circuit and kart cross. The park encourages you to join family or friends and start a new adventure filled with various activities, while getting in touch with the nature that embraces Vivapark.

Jumpers - Trampolim Parque

At Jumpers - Trampoline Park, you will have the opportunity to experience 15 trampoline stations. The park does family packs, but if you prefer to go alone, you can do it too. Along with the activities, you can organise a birthday or access the classes organised in the space.

Source - Facebook - Jumpers

Adventure Park

Adventure Park takes you back to the woods. Tree climbing, canoeing, orientation and laser combat are the main challenges you can face in this park. If you are looking for these adventures for a party, bachelorette party or birthday party, you can organise these events at Adventure Park.

Source - Adventure Park


Tugaventura bets on adventure and tree-walking. Tugaventura functions  at Parque Aventura São Jorge, in Porto de Mós, and in Parque Aventura Pousos - Leiria.

Source - Tugaventura - Aventura & Arborismo, Porto de Mós e Leiria

Parque Aventura

Paintball and tree climbing are the main activities you can do at Parque Aventura Albufeira. The park accepts meetings, parties, school visits, bachelor parties and family gatherings. The park is located in Albufeira, Lagos, Figueira da Foz and Vila Real de Santo António.

Source - Facebook - Parque Aventura

JumpYard Lisboa

JumpYard is a trampoline lined park. According to JumpYard Lisboa “in addition to the trampolines, you can try our Sky Rider, Valo TV, climb Clip 'N Climb or venture on the Ninja Warrior route, among many other activities”.

Source - Facebook - JumpYard Portugal

Hello Park

Hello Park is for the little ones. In the middle of nature, children can visit the Tree House, the Pirate Boat and can experience tree climbing. The giant inflatable, the car track, the ball pool, the slides and the disco are other structures prepared to welcome children.

Source - Facebook - Hello Park

Madeira Theme Park

Madeira Theme Park has a large garden and an extensive playground. In the Madeira Theme Park, you will find several multimedia pavilions such as, “The Discovery of the Islands”, “A World of Islands, the Islands in the World” and “The Fantastic Journey”. The park also has a replica of the Monte Train and an area of little boats.

Source - Facebook - Parque Temático da Madeira
Amusement parks to discover in Portugal (42 suggestions)
Amusement parks to discover in Portugal (42 suggestions)